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FRESE EVA Highflow

Frese EVA is a valve particularly designed for the balancing of cooling and heating units. With its simple on/off control the valve can be used for many different applications and at the same time advantage is derived from the dynamic control principles. By means of Frese EVA the optimum flow rate is ensured in each control area. This flow rate is maintained in spite of pressure fluctuations in the system. A control area may be two fan coils for a hotel room or a calorifier for a sports centre.

The valve should be made of hot forged brass and should operate by means of an on site adjustable flow rate cartridge, that is readily accessible without dismantling the valve from the piping system. The flow rate cartridge should ensure the automatic balancing of flow and should be adjustable to 8 different flow rate settings in the control range. The pressure range of the valve should be PN16. With the actuator fitted the valve should operate in the temperature range between 0°C and 50°C (ambient temperature).

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