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The history of Frese stretches back over 60 years to 1944 when Børge Frese started a small basement foundry at Slagelse in Denmark, the town which is still home today to the company’s world wide headquarters. Frese is still a family owned and managed company with Børge`s son Johnni Frese and his grandchildren Kim, Claus and Tina Frese taking the lead roles in developing Frese’s portfolio of products and supplying new and emerging worldwide markets. Frese currently employs 100 members of staff directly and is currently enjoying growth in the region of 15% per year.

This early metal foundry started life producing pots and pans for post war Denmark but it wasn’t long before the foundry developed and specialized in castings of copper and steel alloys for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. In the early 1960’s the Frese family embarked on a programme of significant investment in state of the art technology that enabled Frese to develop and manufacture the worlds leading technologically advanced automatic balancing valves that we see today. These products have already been identified as the products of choice for the HVAC industry, the world over, in the years ahead.

Since 1944, Frese has built up a world-wide valve distribution network covering all four corners of the globe serviced by specialist valve distributors based in nearly 30 countries. This network extends from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and right through to New Zealand

This international operation is split into two distinct business sectors which combine to form the Frese Group. These distinct sectors are Frese Metal which is the hi-tech foundry and support services and Frese A/S which is the sales, valve production, assembly and test site. The combination of these individual business operations produces a group structure dedicated to the development of world beating solutions and customer support.

Being a family run business has enabled Frese to maintain the same values identified over 60 years ago which are honesty, loyalty and good workmanship.
Top quality products

Our valves are characterised by their superior quality and distinctive precision that guarantees stable and reliable control. In our laboratory we have equipment to carry out advanced product tests and we are continually developing new products and solutions. Our automatic balancing valves simplify installations and make service work easier. By controlling all our own resources in-house – from development to production – the process from idea to final solution is shortened keeping us at the international forefront of product design and development
A summary of our head office operations

    * Development of the valves of the future
    * Production of proto types
    * Tool production in our own workshops
    * Hot stamping of valves
    * Machining of the hot stamped work pieces in robotized machining centres
    * Casting of larger sized valve products
    * Assembly of finished valves and testing before shipment
    * Testing in our certified laboratory
    * Proper packing and labelling of the project
    * Consignments that are either sent to the distributor or directly to the building site.

In addition, we compliment all this in-house know-how with sales staff that has been trained in hydronic systems, solutions, and comprehensive proposals.
Our Business

Our business is the supply of Automatic balancing valves and associated commissioning technology to heating and ventilating markets, world-wide.
Our Vision

Our vision is to continually grow our business through innovative product development and thereby to be seen as the world leading company in the field of hydronic balancing solutions.
Our Mission

Frese A/S wants to, with its valve technology, ensure hydraulic balance in water based cooling and heating circuits in the HVAC world market thus ensuring optimum running and comfort of the systems.